Now You See Me

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Entertain Yourself :P

Jett's Desk


It is Father’s Day and so I naturally took up my dad on his invitation to go out-of-town today and have dinner at a Chinese place that is way above average and go see a movie. You can probably guess by this blog that my family are movie buffs. We like a good story, what can I say?

We were in total agreement to skip Man Of Steel – seriously, how many times are they going to keep re-hashing the same old comic book stories? What is this, the 4th incarnation of Superman? If you don’t know the story by now you never will. LOL

I had heard some good things about Now You See Me and my dad is a BIG Morgan Freeman fan so we opted to go see it instead. Nobody walked out disappointed with that choice. It was one of those movies that the audience really…

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