Nokia’s 41MP EOS

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Entertain Yourself :P


In just a few weeks, Nokia will unveil its next Lumia Flagship, undoubtedly the EOS. This beast will most likely tote a 41MP shooter, akin to Nokia’s own Prueview 808. For all those familiar with the Purview 808, it has the best camera on any smart phone to date. Finally, Nokia plans to bring this amazing camera to Windows Phone with the EOS however, will this impressive camera make a difference in Windows Phone sales?

Very few devices leave a truly lasting impression on consumers, which after all, consumers are the reason manufactures make smart phones. Obviously the iPhone is world renowned, and Android, carried heavily by the Galaxy S, is runner-up. Microsoft however has yet to gain much market share from its competitors. With the EOS, Nokia and Microsoft are looking to turn heads with a smart phone that can out shot most point-and-shot cameras.

Sadly however, I fear…

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