PS4 vs Xbox One

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Entertain Yourself :P




The arrival of  Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One shows the continual rivalry still existing between the two, a battle to claim “I’m the supreme one, so surrender and bow before me” which i must say hasn’t quite worked for any of them. Though I must say it took sony a while before unveiling the console which i found annoying and made me get more anxious which i didn’t find funny.

Today it’s all about PS4 vs Xbox One review we will look at the price, specs, controllers, features and games. Finally we have  got the full details about the the two rivalry consoles, which is kind of fierce though.

PS4 vs Xbox One: Specs

The two consoles are similar in terms of their  hardware specifications, especially when it comes to the CPU and GPU which we’re going to take a look at.


Processor and graphics

AMD is the…

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