Changing the World with Google Glass

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Entertain Yourself :P


So, you’ve seen Google Glass – you love the potential, you hate the product. Only the most dedicated Robocop enthusiasts are going to strap that heap of metal to the side of their heads; paying the best part of £1,000 for nothing more than a very basic smart phone. It’s a good job you can’t see the funny looks people in the real world are throwing your way.

Actually, I think the Glass is pitched as an addition to your smart-armoury, not a replacement. Heaven knows what I’d look like walking down the fruit & veg isle; I’ve got my iPod earphones in one ear, my smart-phone in my hand checking my twitter feed (@elliott_kalenko don’t you know), and I’m hollering at my Glass(es) to check off the broccoli I’ve just thrown in the basket from the shopping list. “Glass! I’ve just bought the broccoli!” In this scenario, not only…

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