Is The Macbook Overpriced?

Posted: May 25, 2013 in Entertain Yourself :P

The X-2 Times

by Irvan Wicaksono

Earlier in 2011, the Acer Aspire S3-951 is released, which is inspired by super-light and thin Macbook air. The specification is almost same as Macbook air. Both have the same processor (intel core i5), same graphic card (intel HD graphics 3000), same weight (about 3 pounds), same height (0.68 inch), same screen size (13.3 inches, LED backlight). The difference is just the OS (Acer runs Windows 7 Premium, Macbook Air runs Mac OS X 10.7 Lion), storage (Acer have 340 GB total, Macbook air have 128 GB). The price? Totally different. The Acer one costs you $899.00, and the Macbook pro costs you $1,299.00! the difference is about $400.00! if you have the $1,300.00 budget, do you prefer: buy the Acer one, AND you can still buy a smartphone, like Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, or you just buy the Macbook Air Pro?

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