Future of mobile technology

Posted: December 24, 2012 in Entertain Yourself :P

Saurav9351's Blog

 By Saurav Khandelwal

Over the last decade we have seen a major shift in Mobile technology. Mobile phones used to be these clunky devices with big push buttons but now they have finger operated touchscreens and powerful computers running in them, so you have “an app” for almost everything. One can only wonder what will be the future trends in disruptive technologies. Here are my thoughts on it.

Voice commands – I know voice commands have been around for a sometime but smartphones will really enhance this capability. Siri put voice commands at forefront followed by some great software from Android and Windows phone. Voice recognition software currently can call, send text, search, open apps etc. but in future they will be able to do more. It will be able to profile people by voice, they might be able to understand tone to avoid drunk dialing (except emergency), they will…

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