Posted: December 23, 2012 in Entertain Yourself :P


Why has hating Skrillex become the ‘cool’ thing to do? We all have different tastes. Some people like music, some people like Skrillex. His highly-sugared hyperactive disco belching is incredibly popular. So what if he took a minimal genre and sold it for big hollywood action scenes? Who cares if ‘dubstep’ is a dirty word? Relax. Next time Skrillex comes on in a club, go and buy a lime soda. I’ll be jumping around like my electronic toothbrush just died mid-brush. Yes his ‘hair looks like a girl and his face looks like a boy and that’s so funny’. Yes, he’s a ‘bit bald’ on one side of his head but ‘horrifying’ is a strong term. Maybe he is a ‘crocodile’. I don’t know. There are times when his music does ‘sound like a dog’ and make you want to ‘slap your sister’s fat bum’ but that’s what fat bums…

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