On August 15th of last year, Baroness fans were not so sure the band would ever return to touring or playing music ever again.  In a bus crash near Bath, England the band and crew members of Baroness’ lives were forever changed and their fans held their breath and hoped that it would turn out well for all involved.  Nearly a year later, Baroness is back out on the road in the U.S. supporting ‘Yellow & Green’, a bit changed, a bit scarred, but not broken.  I had the great pleasure to meet with guitarist/backup vocalist Peter Adams before their show in Pittsburgh on June 14, 2013 and was met with great welcome and complete openness about the experiences of the past year.

Hanging out with Pete is somewhat akin to being around one of your best buds.  He’s  your typical guy from a blue collar background and he…

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Now You See Me

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Entertain Yourself :P

Jett's Desk


It is Father’s Day and so I naturally took up my dad on his invitation to go out-of-town today and have dinner at a Chinese place that is way above average and go see a movie. You can probably guess by this blog that my family are movie buffs. We like a good story, what can I say?

We were in total agreement to skip Man Of Steel – seriously, how many times are they going to keep re-hashing the same old comic book stories? What is this, the 4th incarnation of Superman? If you don’t know the story by now you never will. LOL

I had heard some good things about Now You See Me and my dad is a BIG Morgan Freeman fan so we opted to go see it instead. Nobody walked out disappointed with that choice. It was one of those movies that the audience really…

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World All Around


“Man of Steel” leaped over film industry needs in a solitary weekend.

The Warner Bros. superhero film earned $113 million in its opening weekend at the movies, as per studio gauges Sunday. The retelling of Superman’s backstory earned a supplemental $12 million from Thursday screenings, carrying its residential aggregate to $125 million. Unique film industry wants for “Man of Steel” extended from $75 million to $130 million.

“They at long last got the Superman recipe right,” said Paul Dergarabedian, an examiner for film industry tracker Hollywood.com. “Superhero films truly are the bread and spread of the hot time of year film industry. The way that `iron Man 3′ has the greatest opening of the year so far and `man of Steel’ has the second greatest opening of the year just demonstrates that.”

“Man of Steel,” which stars Henry Cavill as Superman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane, additionally caught the…

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